My Share of 1,000,000,000 Miles Posted, Did Yours?

A week and a half back I wrote about Spirit Airlines Giving Away 1,000,000,000 Miles in a fun, new promotion.

Each member of the airline’s frequent flyer program, FREE SPIRIT can get 8,000 miles for free. The best part is that all you have to do is complain about Spirit or another airline at a dedicated site. (The promo will be running until July 31 or when all of the miles are given away.)

If you happen to have positive feedback to send Spirit, they’d love to hear that too. For some reason, I highly doubt they will be getting many responses of this nature!

Airline Giving Away 1,000,000,000 MilesAfter submitting my “hate” for Spirit I found out that my free miles should post within 10 days.

Well Spirit wasn’t kidding.

I received an e-mail yesterday afternoon with the subject- “Your 8,000 miles have landed“. Sticking to their word, Spirit posted the miles to my account exactly when they were supposed to!

Unless you already have some miles with Spirit or have their credit card (I have neither), 8,000 Spirit miles won’t be enough to get you a free flight. Award flights start from 10,000 miles (or 2,500 with the credit card). Something else to remember is that Spirit miles expire within 90 days if there is no activity on the account.

So what to do with the free bounty of miles?

  • Magazine Subscriptions– Many blogs posted that the best way to use the free miles was to redeem them for free magazine subscriptions. To me this is really not so exciting but better than nothing.
  • FREE SPIRIT Play–  You can play games online using your miles. This will give you a chance to win miles, enter contests and win prizes like airline tickets.

My plan for the miles:

I plan to do a mixture of the two things mentioned above. I’m not loving the magazine subscription options or else I would use them all in that way. The one magazine reward that I definitely plan to claim is Outside Magazine.

Did your Spirit points post yet? If so, what do you plan to do with them?

If you haven’t shown Spirit some hate yet and would like to earn 8,000 free miles, you have until July 31 (or when all 1,000,000,000 miles are given away).

Click HERE to find out how to hate on Spirit and get your free miles.

2 thoughts on “My Share of 1,000,000,000 Miles Posted, Did Yours?

  1. Mine posted. I might actually fly with them (just for the experience) since I’ve never done so before.

    1. We flew them from Atlantic City to Panama a few years back. The flight didn’t stand out besides it taking off from the connection in Florida very late due to a tardy flight attendant.

      If the low award redemptions were available every day, I’d probably consider trying to earn the extra points needed for a one way…

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