10 Best State Fairs in the U.S.

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The State Fair is an event that I’ve long wanted to experience in person but still haven’t had a chance to attend.

It wasn’t until (probably) around 5 years ago that I even know much about them. (I still don’t really know exactly what they are like!)

When I think of a state fair, the thing that most comes to mind is strange food thanks to an episode of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods show based on the Minnesota State Fair. Last summer, while visiting Minnesota we went to a  Twins game. At the game we got to try out some of these offerings at the stadium’s State Fair Classics stand.

As a kid I spent my summers in the Catskills in upstate NY. While I didn’t even know New York had a state fair, at times (during the summer) we would go to the Orange County Fair.

The Orange County Fair was a big deal with all sorts of rides, games where you could win prizes and booths selling all kinds of unhealthy foods. I’d assume that a state fair would be similar to this but on a much grander scale.

Fodor’s came up with a slideshow featuring the Top 10 State Fairs in the U.S.

Here is their list along with the dates of the event:

  • Texas State Fair- Dallas- 9/26-10/19
  • Minnesota State Fair- St. Paul- 8/21-9/1
  • Arizona State Fair- Phoenix- 10/10-11/2
  • Iowa State Fair- Des Moines- 8/7-17
  • Wisconsin State Fair- West Allis- 7/31-8/10
  • Indiana State Fair- Indianapolis- 8/1-17
  • North Carolina State Fair- Raleigh- 10/16-26
  • Ohio State Fair- Columbus- 7/23-8/3
  • Oklahoma State Fair- Oklahoma City- 9/11-21
  • Greater New York State Fair- Syracuse- 8/21-9/1

I’ve been hoping to check out one of the bigger state fairs in the near future but the dates just never seem to work out. With lots of travel for us taking place in 2014  there just isn’t enough time for a getaway which coincides with one of the fairs.

Maybe in 2015 it will work out!

Have you ever been to a state fair? If so, which one and what was it like?

Find out about the Top 10 State Fairs from Fodor’s HERE.

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