Man Waves American Flag In All 50 States + Video

screen capture from Li’s video

Here is a fun story which is quite appropriate for today since it is July 4.

First I have to say Happy Independence Day and thanks to all of you that have served our country!

A few years back I came across the story and blog of a guy dancing around the world, organizing  hilarious flash mobs. If you haven’t heard about this, you can check out the site, Where The Hell Is Matt here.

This brings me to a new July 4th- related story. What could someone possibly do that is over the top, crazy and extremely patriotic?

How about a Man Waving An American Flag In All 50 States!

I came across this story on ABC News and thought it would be best to save for today.

Howard Li went on a road trip that took a little under 700 days traveling to all 50 states. After completing this epic journey, Li created a video of himself waving an American flag in each state in front of a major landmark or monument.

To consider each state as a visit, Li told ABC News that he wanted to be able to tell people about what he saw- If I can’t describe to you at least one or two distinctive things, then I did not count that as a visit.” 

One of Li’s favorite sites that he visited was one that we stopped by while in Colorado for the BoardingArea Convention last year, Garden of the Gods.

Check out the video:

Find out more about Howard Li in the ABC News video HERE.

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