2 AA Lounge Passes For Credit Card Spend- Targeted

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Back in May I wrote about a limited time offer that I received from CitiCards. With the offer I could get two American Airlines AAdmirals Club passes for adding an authorized user and spending a pre-determined amount of money on my credit card.

I wasn’t interested in the offer for a couple of reasons:

  • I already have lounge membership due to the Citi AAdvantage Exec Card
  • I was working on spends to earn sign-up bonuses on a couple of cards

Being that I have Admirals Club membership these lounge passes had little value to me unless I planned to give them away.

I just received an e-mail from CitiCards with another offer where I can earn two Admirals Club Lounge Passes.

This time the offer is a bit easier to fulfill but still nothing to write home about.

To earn two Admirals Club passes this time, all I have to do is spend $1,250 on eligible purchases by 9/30/14. (Eligible purchases include clothing, electronics and computer, office supply and department stores.)

This amounts to $250 less spend needed and not having to add an authorized user.

Considering I have until September 30 to meet the required spend, I am debating whether or not I should go for it (reason why below). Odds are that I will need to allocate the spend towards other cards which I am working towards sign up bonuses for.

If I do go for this offer, I’ll give away the Admirals Club passes since they serve me little good with Kim and I both having AA Executive cards.

Did you receive any special offers from Citi recently? If so, what did you get?

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3 thoughts on “2 AA Lounge Passes For Credit Card Spend- Targeted

  1. I received a similar offer but the spend is only $600. I too was wondering if I could gift the passes to family/friends as I am nearly done with my Executive card spend.
    I signed up to do the offer, as well as the 10,000 miles offer for 10 dines in 6 weeks of $40 or more, thinking I could combine these some how (gift cards to my favorite local thai place would be $400 then I could do the last $200 in Sept).

  2. I received an offer for my CitiBank AA credit card. It was only $250 by 9.30 for 2 day passes. Definitely taking advantage of this one.

  3. LauraPDX- $600 spend for the passes is a pretty solid offer, especially if you can share with a friend! If you don’t mind laying out the $ on gift cards, then the bonus is pretty nice. I still just feel that the minimum spend per dine is too high.

    Flip-Seems like you got a really fair offer. For $250 I’d definitely get those passes!

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