10,000 “Mega” Bonus United Miles For Dining- Targeted

a screenshot of a mileage plus cardOnce again, another day another targeted offer for bonus miles.

Yesterday I wrote about a bonus offer of 1,000 Delta SkyMiles for dining out which I don’t plan to take advantage of. This time I received a “Mega” offer from United dining.

MileagePlus Dining sent me a targeted offer which seemed to be quite irresistible until I read just a little further along. Based on the graphic above, my mind seemed to only focus on one key point in the e-mail, 10,000 bonus award miles.

10,000 bonus miles! Wow! How do I not go for this offer? 

Oh wait. I decided to scroll down just a bit further and came across some crucial information.

“Dine 10 times before August 15, 2014 to earn our best offer yet- a mega 10,000 bonus miles.”

Unlike Delta’s offer I don’t have to worry about dining at a new participating restaurant but I would need to dine out 10 times. That alone would be a tough thing to do since I can’t really find any restaurants that I am interested in which participate in the program.

Not only would I need to dine out 10 times, another problem is that I’d have to spend at least $40 each time! Ummm, no thank you. I don’t see myself spending $400+ to dine at participating restaurants in the next 5 years, let alone next 6 weeks!

a blue screen with white text

According to the terms, this offer is by invitation only for select United dining members. I do feel flattered to receive such a mega offer. Too bad it isn’t a bit more attainable for me to complete.

To make this offer a bit more reasonable, I feel that MileagePlus Dining should’ve gave 4-6 months time to complete the 10 dines. Even if this was the case, I still don’t think I’d be able to complete it.

Did you receive this mega bonus invitation from MileagePlus Dining too? If so, do you plan to go for it or sit this offer out?

If you’d like to try registering for the offer and weren’t targeted, you could try to do so here. Just remember that this offer is supposed to be by invitation only.

6 thoughts on “10,000 “Mega” Bonus United Miles For Dining- Targeted

  1. GAM- Are you saying that you only need to spend a minimum of $10 per dine? If so, I’d rather have your offer.

    Joey- We live in Brooklyn. There is literally one restaurant close to us which is over-priced that we might visit once per year. I can think of one other restaurant that I’d like to try within the rest of Bklyn. If the minimum dine was a bit lower and there was more time to complete the 10 dines, I might expand my search and look for places to go in Queens and Manhattan.

    SAN Greg- Exactly! In some cases it is best to forget about the bonus and spend your $$$ in better ways than over spending in restaurants.

  2. Also received this offer and went through the same feelings of ‘wow’ this is a great deal to ‘meh’ – not when there is a $40 minimum per dine. At some places I don’t think I could order enough food to reach the minimum for two diners. Dining should be enjoyable but worrying about ordering enough to meet minimum spend at lease 10x to chase 10,000 miles makes it chore. Thanks, but no thanks!

  3. I thought you live in nyc area? A lot of restaurants participate in the program and you may be surprised to see how good some of them are! The $40 requirement is a turnoff if i were dining alone but with even 1 friend the tab can easily become $40.

  4. I got a similar offer, but only 5,000 miles for 10 dines. One of the restaurants is run by a family friend, so I’m considering walking in, asking them to charge me 10x for a $1 cup of water each, and scoring some easy points.

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