Man Lands Plane On Highway Twice In 8 Days

image from Gothamist via CBS

Kim forwarded me this crazy story from Gothamist over the weekend.

This guy seems to have a lot of luck on his side.

Frank Fierro was out for a leisurely flight in his Challenger Ultralight when he encountered some mechanical issues. So what’s a recreational pilot to do?

Fierro landed his plane on a highway. Not once but two times in just over a week’s time!

On July 10 his plan had an electrical failure and this past Friday, July 18 he had some engine trouble forcing him to land both times on the Sunrise Highway in Long Island, New York. Luckily nobody was hurt during either of his unexpected landings.

According to the article, the FAA investigated the plane after the first emergency landing and returned it to Fierro. I wonder what will happen now that this seems to be a theme- landing on highways that is.

Check out the original story from Gothamist here.

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