Germany Wins the World Title For… Nudity

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photo from our trip to Berlin @ DDR Museum

I came across Expedia’s Flip Flop Report  in an article from CNBC recently .  

According to Expedia, the report is “an annual study of behavior and preferences among beachgoers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.”

In the article (and report) I learned that Germany has won another title this summer.

They first won the highly coveted World Cup in Brazil and now Expedia announced that “Germans were the likeliest to sunbathe fully nude at the beach“.

This was the third year in the row that Germany won this distinction however this year there was a tie with Austria.

Some Stats from the report:

  • 28% of German and Austrian beachgoers have spent a day at the beach in their birthday suit
  • Beach nudity is more common among men (18%) than women (6%).
  • 74% of worldwide respondents consider speedo-style briefs to be acceptable to wear

When I think of this topic, my first trip to Europe comes to mind.

A friend and I visited Barcelona and then headed off to Ibiza. Ibiza seemed to be a very popular place for Germans to go. While on the beach there were (from what I recall) lots of topless women and speedo wearing men all around us. I remember us both laughing at he large, overweight men wearing speedos. YUCK!!!

What are your thoughts on nude sunbathing?

I think if it is allowed only on designated beaches then it doesn’t really cause any problems but I don’t see it really having a place on public beaches.

Check out the Expedia 2014 Flip Flop Report HERE and the CNBC article HERE.

8 thoughts on “Germany Wins the World Title For… Nudity

  1. DaninSTL- Speedos are quite popular in Europe and close to home in Brooklyn at Brighton Beach from what I recall! The overweight guys in Speedos is what always causes a laugh not the women.

    Jennifer- Everyone in the end decides what is right for themself as long as it is at the appropriate beach. Nudism is just not the norm in the US like it is in Europe. Also- I didn’t know that one needs to be nude to “feel the weight off their knees” in the water!

  2. Nude ocean swimming is so very liberating and invigorating. And why should the “spectator” get to judge whether someone’s physique is suitable for the beach? Mustn’t it be even more freeing for an overweight person to get to swim and feel the weight off their knees?

  3. I enjoy a rare nude sunbath but don’t care to do it in public.

    Oh and if you wrote about overweight women in bikinis being funny, people wouldn’t think that was very nice. Many places men wearing speedos is the norm. I like them but would dare wear one in public in the USA .

  4. It’s liberating to be able to enjoy a day at the beach in your birthday suit

    Why does everyone need to be so stuck up and prudish?

    Being natural at the beach is a pleasure and needn’t be lewd at all.

  5. I once spent a week in Cap d’Agde on the southern coast of France……..totally nude resort… was invigorating………..

      1. Everything would just be charged to your room……..when going out for groceries etc you made the mission round trip…….room key with your towel……I am not sure I focused too much on that idea………..there were other things that kept my mind engaged………

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