Own A Town In the U.S. For $1,500,000

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Back in March I wrote about a very special real estate opportunity.

A European town was available for free. While this might sound like a really interesting and great deal my guess is that this free town would cost quite a bit of money to fix up and maintain.

What if you’d like to own a town but stay a little closer to home?

I just came across a similar offer to buy a small town in the U.S., although it’s at a very different price.

The town of Aladdin, Wyoming is up for sale and the owner is asking $1.5 million! The town is quite small and has a population of just 15 people. According to Yahoo News, “formerly a coal-mine hub, the town now sees motorcyclist or travelers en route to Devils Tower”. 

Kim, Lucas and I visited the Devils Tower a couple of years back during our trip to South Dakota. We were amazed by the site but there isn’t really much else around the area so it probably wouldn’t be a great area to live.

For those of you interested in buying the town, here is what you get:

  • 30 acres of land
  • 15 buildings
  • 118 year old General Store in original condition (with no plumbing)
  • An outhouse since the General Store doesn’t have a bathroom
  • 4 bedroom family home
  • The property under Aladdin’s trailer park
  • More…
a white sign with black writing on it
image from Yahoo News video

Rather than hire a real estate agent, there is a sign hanging on the general store advertising that Aladdin is up for sale.

Find out more from Yahoo News article here.

2 thoughts on “Own A Town In the U.S. For $1,500,000

  1. Funny, we’re visiting Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico in a few weeks. White’s city was created in the early 1900’s to profit off the tourists to the Caverns. Now a few generations later, the kids said we are outta here and put the town up for auction in 2008. Guess what it sold for…..$1,550,000.

    1. Kent C.- I just looked up White’s City and found an article about the upcoming sale from 2008. It sounds like an interesting time warp! Thanks for mentioning it here and have a great time at Carlsbad Caverns!

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