10 Best Bucket-List Cultural Trips

Back in April I mentioned in a post that I don’t have a bucket list and really dislike the term and idea of it. However, in that same post I also wrote how I still have a mental list of places that I’d love to visit and explore some day.

When it comes to travel, the right experiences and interactions can change us in a variety of ways. It can be thoughts on a particular issue, being more open to things or even something as simple as incorporating new foods into our diets.

I came across an article from USA Today featuring 10 Best Bucket-List Cultural Trips.

According to the article, “a meaningful trip yields more than just bragging rights…It’s a way to see things unique to other parts of a country.”

Here is the list of trips from USA Today:

  • Shakespeare in the Park- New York
  • Petra, Jordan
  • Polar Bear Viewing- Churchill, Canada
  • El Castillo Pyramid in Chichen Itza- Mexico
  • Holi Festival in India
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Wilderness Viewing- Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Western Wall- Jerusalem, Israel
  • St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican
  • The State Hermitage Museum- Saint Petersburg, Russia

From this list of 10, I’ve been to 4 of these sites (which I’ve highlighted).

I’d say that all of these places are worthy of being on anyone’s list, some more than others though. Out of the 4 that I’ve visited, I found Petra to be the most impressive and the Hermitage to be at the bottom.

Do you have a list of places and sites that you’d love to visit? If so what is your top site/ destinaton on it?

Find out about each of the sites listed above in the USA Today article here.

2 thoughts on “10 Best Bucket-List Cultural Trips

  1. I would recommend Holi festival in Vrindavan. I have seen some instances of color throwing or playing with colors in USA after some 5K runs or Marathons.

    1. bwiflyer- There is a whole series of color runs in the NYC. We haven’t done any but from what I understand, as you run you get covered in the chosen color for the race. I’d love to hear a little about Holi!

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