TSA Finds For the Week: Comb Dagger, Lipstick Knife & More

I love reading about the crazy (mostly dangerous) things that people try to get past the TSA in their carry-ons.

The TSA does a great job of sharing with us through their blog with weekly updates. I also love getting reminders to check what’s been found by following @TSA on Twitter.

I’ve written about some of the TSA finds at the airport (here and here)¬†last month.

Last night I checked out this week’s TSA airport finds in their weekly recap. Lots of crazy things were discovered by the good folks screening our carry-on bags.

Here are some of the more interesting finds:

Some concealed weapons:

A lipstick knife at DEN- Denver:

A comb-dagger in STL- St. Louis:

An IED ordinance kit at HNL- Honolulu. Items that look like real bombs are not permitted on flights. I’d figure that would be common sense but apparently this is not the case.

The IED kit below is a training kit found actually found in a checked bag. The TSA says that they know trainers need to travel with this kind of thing but that it should be shipped in advance.

Some other items of note:

  • 80 Credit Card knives- From a photo that I saw, it reminded me a bit of the ChargeCard that I reviewed. However, instead of a USB cable, you get a knife.
  • A 3 inch knife in someone’s shoe
  • A beltbuckle knife (close to home) at LaGuardia Airport
  • Spearguns
  • Stun guns

I find it pretty crazy that people actually try to fly with these kinds of items, especially these days…

Do you follow the TSA Blog to find out the dangerous items discovered at airports? If so, what is the strangest items that you’ve read about?

Check out the TSA Blog’s Week In Review¬†HERE.

(All images from TSA Blog)

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