BankDirect- 55,000+ New Ways To Access Your $$$

I’ve kept some of my money in BankDirect for a bunch of years now since (let’s be honest), the interest rates banks offer are pretty much worthless. When BankDirect started charging a $12 per month fee, I was close to closing my account but still find the miles earned with American Airlines AAdvantage (for now) to be worth the price.

One big negative with BankDirect is the lack of places to withdraw money for free. They will reimburse you four times per month up to $2.50 but this doesn’t always cover the full ATM fees.

I just received a card in the mail from BankDirect which should definitely help with the ATM issues.

BankDirect has “teamed up” with Allpoint to give account members access to 55,000+ ATM’s worldwide surcharge-free!

ATMs can be found in stores like 7-Eleven, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, Costco and Target. (Just make sure to look for the Allpoint logo.)

A nice part of this addition is that BankDirect will still give fee refunds, up to $2.50 per refund, four times per month at out of network ATMs.

Find out more about BankDirect’s new ATM withdrawal option with Allpoint (and find ATM locations) here.

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