Visit the Air France Expo + Win Tix To Paris

Air France will be hosting an exhibition, open to the public in NYC for 3 days. The expo will showcase the airline’s new cabins, have activities & events as well as offer visitors the chance to win tickets to Paris!

I started seeing ads for this event at bus stops in Brooklyn last weekend but didn’t pay it much attention until receiving an e-mail about it earlier today.

Air France has created an unprecedented exhibition to unveil its new cabins in New York City. The exhibition is conceived as a journey within the new Air France universe, where real and virtual experiences interweave around events and entertainment.

The event will take place in NYC from June 26- 28.

I went to Air France’s Expo site and found out a little more about the airline.

Here is Air France’s Philosophy:

According to the site, Air France has 3 Beliefs for “Your Well-Being First”. They want to offer the best service before, during and after the flight. I totally like the sound of this and want to see more of where this is going.

The Beliefs:

  1. CareBe the apple of our eyes, they want to take special care of their passengers at all times.
  2. QualityAn eye for detail– AF has a concern for detail and quality.
  3. PleasureDiscover the French touch– pleasure should be provided throughout the flight.

I’m guessing that the expo will show off these beliefs. It will also feature activities for both adults and children and by stopping by, you can enter for a chance to win Air France tickets to Paris!

Entering to win tickets to Paris will be an interactive experience. 

You’ll need to download the Air France companion application and browse the exhibition with it. Through the app, you’ll unlock badges that allow you to access content which will help increase your chances of winning. A social media sharing element will also be involved.

The AF app is available from Apple Store and Google Play.

The companion app aspect of the event sounds really interesting and I hope that I have the time to stop by to check it out. Maybe I’ll even win tickets to Paris!

The Air France Exhibition takes place at:

Center 548- 548 West 22nd Street in NYC and will be open from June 26 through 28 from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Find out more about the Air France Expo HERE.

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