Most Iconic Soft Drinks of Each State In America

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I can’t say that I’m a big fan of soft drinks but I do enjoy a cold soda on occasion.

When flying, my drink of choice is ginger ale and/ or water. Otherwise, there isn’t really a time that I consistently drink soda.

On our recent trip to Atlanta, we visited the World of Coca-Cola. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed during the visit. I expected to learn some details about the history of Coke but left feeling like the place was one massive marketing pitch. (Check back for a future post about our visit.)

One thing that I did like about the World of Coca-Cola was the area where we got to sample products from around the world. While we found most of them to be pretty gross, it was still pretty cool to have them all available for a taste in one relatively small area.

Thrillist came up with an article featuring a map and list of Best Soft Drinks in Every State In America. I found the article interesting and was curious to find out where some of the soda brands were created and were most popular. Here are a few soft drinks/ brands from the list that I do enjoy.

  • Foxon Park– Connecticut: I’ve had it in some of New Haven’s famous pizzerias. FP comes in a variety of flavors. I visited their production area once to buy a few bottles in the past.
  • Boylan’s– New Jersey: I’ve only tried it a handful of times but recall enjoying their orange and black cherry varieties.
  • Dr. Brown’s– New York: Probably my favorite soda brand. I can’t visit a real Jewish deli without having a cream or black cherry Dr. Brown’s.
  • Dr. Pepper– Texas: It’s hard to place the taste of just what exactly Dr. Pepper is but as long as it is cold, it is pretty awesome.

Do you have a favorite soft drink brand which is more regional or not so widely available? If so, please let us know what they are.

Find out about the most iconic soft drink for each state HERE.

10 thoughts on “Most Iconic Soft Drinks of Each State In America

  1. Agreed, Foxon Park White Birch Beer is iconic around here. You are not an official pizza joint, in my book, if you dont have it in the fridges.
    I spend a fair amount of time up in Buffalo, NY too and Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry is pretty locally popular. I remember liking it as a kid, but it’s been years since I’ve had one.

  2. You visited the Atlanta area and did not even contact this native Brooklynite?!?

    By the way, you can get Dr. Brown’s at Publix stores — and I know of a place where the pizza rivals that of New York.

    New York water is the best in the world, in my opinion. Perhaps you should consider writing an article about drinking water around the world.

    Now if I can just get them to learn how to create a decent bialy here…

  3. I live near the Michigan border in Ohio. Faygo root beer and cream soda are two of my favorite soda. The other one is Seagrams ginger ale which is a coke product.

    Time to go drink my cream soda while I cook dinner.

  4. Matt- Agreed- at pizzerias in New Haven Foxons is a must (although I don’t like Birch beer). I was happily surprised to find it at a pizzeria in Bklyn a few years back. Would love to hear your thoughts on favorite pizzerias in the CT. I haven’t been to Buffalo and have wanted to go to try out wings where they were created. If/ when I do, I’ll have to look for Aunt Rosie’s!

    Brian- Wish I had realized that you were in Atlanta! I wonder if the pizzeria that you are thinking of is the one we visited… Drinking water is always a tough one, especially due to health reasons. I totally agree that NY water is the best but I have to say that the water in Norway is pretty close. If we come to ATL again, I can bring some bialys!

    Rasputin- Ale-8-One sounds pretty good. Wish I had known about it when we were in KY.

    Wendy- I haven’t been to Michigan or Ohio. When I go, I’d love to try the Faygo Cream. I can not stand root beer!

    Bethany- Good one! Yeungling is a great beer. I’ve always wanted to visit the brewery. I believe that it is the oldest in the country. A few years back I did a brewery tour of their Tampa location.

    1. I appreciate that, Michael. Thank you in advance!

      Have you ever tried the bialys from Bell Bagel and Bialy on Foster Avenue in Brooklyn? They will steam your car windows in the middle of summer, they are so hot and fresh…

      One day I need to write about bialys — if I have not already…

      …by the way, I was in the Milwaukee area years ago at the establishment which inspired Arnold’s in the television series Happy Days; and they had this green soda which I was told was unique to Wisconsin. I do not remember the name; but it was rather sweet and seemed to have a neon green color.

      I thought for certain that would have made the list…

      1. I somehow forgot to respond to this…

        I can;t say that I’ve heard of Bell Bagel & Bialy. I might just have to check it out one of these days. I used to go to Hot Bialys on Coney Is Ave but since it changed owners I stopped going.

        A bialy post would be very interesting…

        I didn’t notice any green soda while in Milwaukee last summer? I wonder if it isn’t available all over. (Not that the color makes it sound appealing!)

  5. Faygo has other flavors of soda. Cream, orange, root beer, grape, red pop, cola and ginger ale. I know their are others but these are the easiest to find in my area. Plus you can’t beat a 24ounce bottle for .79 cents.

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