Man Visits Every Country Without Flying

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Image from Thrillist article

A couple of months back I was lucky enough to get a chance to do an interview Lee Abbamonte, the youngest American to visit every country in the world. Talk about an an amazing achievement!

Now imagine visiting every country in the world without stepping foot on a plane?

That’s exactly what Graham Hughes of Britain did, officially becoming the first person to travel to every country on the planet without flying according to Thrillist. Hughes got around by foot, bus taxi, boat and train.

For completing this remarkable (impossible sounding) feat, he got a Guinness World Record. According to the article, it took Guinness over a year to recognize the achievement due to a crazy amount of fact checking that needed to be done.

The trip took place from 2009 to 2012 with Graham living off around $110 per week. He also took a selfie in every country and made a video, documenting every stop on the world tour including one second clips from each location in a four-minute video.

Find out more about this amazing feat in the Thrillist article here.

Check out Graham Hughes “Selfie” video:

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