How Many Countries Can You Name in 15 Minutes?

I’m not much of a fan of video or computer games. I feel like there’s much better things to be doing with my time like writing a travel blog!

However, there is one game that I love to play from time to time…

A few years back I came across a fun online game where you are given 15 minutes to find out: Can you name the countries of the world?

I’d love to visit every country in the world but don’t realistically expect to achieve that goal. (Check out my interview with the youngest American to visit every country in the world- Lee Abbamonte.) I find a more realistic goal to be visiting 100 countries.

I like to play this game from time to time and haven’t done so in a while. While I play, I have a few strategies. I could first name all of the countries that I’ve been to or try naming countries by continent or by region.

I took a break from writing this post to play the game. Here are my results:

I think that I did pretty well but did leave out a few places that I’ve visited. There was also 2-3 countries that I tried entering but couldn’t spell correctly so they did not count.

How many countries do you think that you could name in 15 minutes? Find out by playing the game by Sporcle HERE.

Let us know how many you got in the comments.

5 thoughts on “How Many Countries Can You Name in 15 Minutes?

  1. I love being tested like this!

    But it was very frustrating that when you enter countries, the country’s name will sometimes cover multiple other countries. I’m sure it would be asking too much for them to change color or something. 🙂

    I got 179. But left out several places that I’ve been to because of these things. I probably shouldn’t complain. Only two of the misses could be chalked up to spelling, and one I didn’t try one of those again because it’s not in the UN.

    Still fun though. 🙂

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