Boeing Delivers 8,000th 737 To United

a close-up of a door on an airplaneI just came across an interesting press release from Boeing on Twitter.

Boeing delivered its 8,000th 737, “the world’s best selling plane” to United today.

To commemorate this milestone the plane featured a special logo (check it out above). The airplane delivered was a Boeing 737-900ER.

Boeing should blow by this impressive number for delivering 737s at some point in the future since it has over 3,700 planes on order, including 1,934 orders of the 737 MAX.

a plane taking off from a runwayAs well as taking delivery of the 8,000th 737, they were also the first airline to order & take delivery of the 737-200. According to the press release, United has taken delivery of over 550 737s since 1965 and has also operated just about every model!

Find out more info in the Boeing press release here.

Check out Randy Tinseth’s (VP of Marketing for Boeing Commerical Airplanes) look back at 737 milestone deliveries in photos here.

image credits: Boeing Media Room

2 thoughts on “Boeing Delivers 8,000th 737 To United

  1. Great post. What an amazing accomplishment. Now I know this is geeky, but I would really like to fly in this plane!

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