Lufthansa Ducks- What’s The Big Deal?

a yellow rubber duck with a bear and a glass of beer
Our Berlin drinking duck

Back in August Lucas Finally Got An Airline Duck. Now it may have not been one of the highy sought after Lufthansa Ducks but Lucas didn’t seem to mind. (We also got another duck, this time from art’otel Berlin Mitte (shown above) as an In-Room Welcome Gift during our trip to Germany back in September.)

I started hearing a lot about Lufthansa’s Ducks from my friend Dennis, the Lufthansa Flyer a couple of years back. If you have a moment, check out his extensive and awesome Lufthansa First Class Duck Registry.

For many, the main reason and highlight for visiting Lufthansa’s First Class Lounges & Terminal in Frankfurt is to get a duck. Some will even visit multiple First Class Lounges to try to get a couple of ducks! If you’ve checked out the First Class Duck Registery above, you’ll see that the ducks can come in a wide variety of styles. 

While I think the Lufthansa Ducks are a really cool collectible, I haven’t gone out of my way to get one. Maybe one of these days I’ll get a chance to stop into one of the lounges or somebody might just have an extra that they’d like to donate to Lucas (me).

Who would ever think that there is a market for Lufthansa Ducks on Ebay? While looking at current auctions, the asking prices range from $24.99 up to $199.99 for a pair of special edition Oktoberfest Ducks.

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image credit: Ebay auction

Pretty crazy! Right? I’ve seen very similar ducks minus the Lufthansa stamp on the back selling for around $4-$5 each!

Or better yet, if you are a duck collector why not buy 100 Ducks from for $39.04!

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image credit:

Are you a Lufthansa Duck collector? If so how many do you have in your collection? 

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  1. I’ve been offered $500 for certain one’s in my collection. Not gonna’ sell ’em! 🙂 They’ll perform better than my 401k…… 42 and counting in my ‘herd’.

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