It’s Legal To Get Naked In Germany

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While I am not a nudist and don’t intend to become one any time soon I found some recent news from Germany to be very interesting.

Munich has “designated six official ‘Urban Naked Zones‘ in parks offering privacy but also only minutes away from the busy city center” according to

The article also said that due to legislation controlling sunbathing in Bavaria, city leaders had to decide whether or not to allow Germans to strip down to their birthday suit. Forbes says that this new law just acknowledges a practice that has gone on for years.

I’ve been to Germany a couple of times and can’t say that I came across any naked Germans while there. However, while on the Spanish island of Ibiza years back, I do remember seeing Germans wandering around on regular beaches in the nude.

It seems that Germans are known for this all around Europe and tend to be the main visitors to nude beaches all over.

Find out more in the Forbes article here.

5 thoughts on “It’s Legal To Get Naked In Germany

  1. I know in scandinavia, everyone goes to the sauna in the nude. No issues there. Americans tend to be very prude, I guess? Like here in NYC, I’ll admit I don’t understand how dogs can easily pee in public whereas humans can’t.

    Nudity can be art too, as shown by Milo Moire at an arts festival in Cologne, Germany.

    1. Joey- In the U.S. I am guessing that many go to a sauna/ steam room nude, but that is indoors not outside and in public. It might be that American’s are prude or just the way people are brought up. I’m not really getting your dog comment lol

  2. HunnerWoo- From what the article said, stripping down while not legal seems to have been accepted for some time now. Did you run the other way? 🙂

    Daniel- Regards to you too! Good to hear an insiders perspective!

  3. Regards from Munich!

    We have an “unofficial” area in the southern part of the English Garden. I know for many guests its strange when seeing it the first time. But you can find them at lakes & beaches, in saunas, and sometimes nude-only camping grounds. But we are accept and dont force anybody being like Adam & Eva.

  4. We were in Munich in March 2012, and within five minutes of entering the largest park in the city center, wandered into an area full of naked sunbathers. It wasn’t a designated area, but the nude sunbathers all seemed to stick to one area of the park.

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