London Salon’s Trouble Over Kim Jong Un Haircut Sale

image from USA Today article

Last month there was lots of talk in the media that North Korea would be requiring men to get the same haircut as leader Kim Jong Un. A couple of days after hearing about this, USA Today reported that these stories were most likely not true.

With little known about Kim Jong Un and North Korea, it’s relatively easy to make silly jokes and references about them.

One London hair salon owner decided to make a joke about Kim Jog Un’s hair style, also playing on the rumor that North Korean males needing to get Un’s haircut. He hung a flyer in his shop’s window (which had a big picture of Kim) and said:

“Bad hair day? 15 percent off all gents cuts through the month of April.

The salon owner said that 2 members of North Korea’s state mission came by his shop (the following day), took pictures of the flyers and ordered him to take them down. The owner refused and told them- this is England, not North Korea and to go get a lawyer.

It turns out that the North Korean embassy is just a 10 minute walk to the salon.

The owner decided to go to the police station to file a report just in case anything bad happened to his salon overnight. It turned out that the North Korean officials had done so too.

Police confirmed that they had stepped in to resolve the issue.

Find out more in the article from Yahoo News HERE.

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