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Earlier in the month I wrote about a Conde Naste Travel article:  Odd Hotel Assistant Jobs That Really Exist.

The article mentioned some pretty strange jobs which were definitely interesting to hear about as well as a good laugh!

I just came across another article with a very similar topic. The article, from Forbes Travel Guide is about Five Hotels With Unique Concierges.

I went over the list and saw some of the jobs were the same as the ones from CN Traveler. (I bolded the jobs that are the same.)

 Check out the list:

  • Critter Concierge- Hutton Hotel- Nashville, TN: Offers the Happy Tails Pet Program where treats are offered for your pet upon arrival along with an organic in-room snack. The Critter Concierge will also recommend tips for your pet like best grooming spots and best vets in the area. The cost for this program is a one-time $50 pet fee which also includes the  staff keeping an eye on your pet at the front office while you are out exploring Nashville.
  • BBQ Butler- Ritz Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation- Greensboro, GeorgiaA BBQ Butler is on hand to teach the art of open-fire cooking to those staying in one of the Lakeside Cottages or the Presidential House. The butler can help guests as much or as little as they want and also suggests which firewood to use from its complementary wood menu.
  • Fireside Butler- The Carneros Inn- Napa, California (Same job, different hotel): If booked in one of the Fireside Cottages, the butler can prepare a fire in the fire pit, prepare a S’mores setup on the outdoor deck and more. Just call the Fireside Hotline to have whatever you need ready when you get back after a long day out.
  • Apothecary Concierge- Hotel Matilda- San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Receive handmade, personalized beauty products after getting your skin consultation. After choosing items you would like from a menu, the Apothecary Concierge blends them while the guest watches, then packages it in classic apothecary bottles and jars for use at the hotel or at home.
  • Soap Concierge- Viceroy Riviera Maya- Riviera Maya, Mexico:  Helps guests select the optimal soaps for their stay by speaking with guests and making recommendations based on their plans and personality. All soaps are cut to order. (description taken from my Odd Hotel Assistants post.)

Do you know of any other odd hotel assistant jobs? If so please let us know about them in the comments below.

Find out more about each of these jobs here.

2 thoughts on “Hotels With Unique Concierges

  1. In a similar vein, but for restaurants, while dining at La Pergola in Rome, we were surprised to be greeted not just a wine sommelier, not just a water sommelier, not just an olive oil/butter sommelier, but a salt sommelier to help us select the appropriate salt to match with our bread and oil or butter selections. Who knew? As with most things, turned out to be a nice learning experience, but I’ve often wondered how many years of cooking school or working in salt it takes to land that gig.

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