Can You Identify Places From Above? Take the Quiz

a large city with many tall buildings

At the end of March I wrote about an article that Kim sent me which had Amazing Aerial Views From Around the World.  I found the views to be really impressive and I really was amazed by many of them.

Back on the subject of aerial views- Buzzfeed had a new quiz a few days ago. The topic, Can You Recognize These Places From Above?

I took the quiz and found some of the places really easy to identify while others I wasn’t too sure of. However, with some educated guessing I did pretty well.

Here are a couple of the photos/ questions:

a screenshot of a city

a screenshot of a city

How did I do?

a bird in a vest

I didn’t expect to do so well in the quiz and did have to guess a few of the answers. I’d say 5-6 of the questions were pretty easy and I was a lucky guesser on a few others.

Click HERE to take the Buzzfeed quiz. Let us know in the comments below how you did!

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