Spotting Peter Pan In Italy

a person in garment standing on a railing overlooking a body of water

During our most recent trip we visited 3 Countries in 4.5 Days on our Quick Euro Roadtrip.

We spent our first full day checking out the Lake Como area in Italy. Our last stop of the day was the town of Menaggio. At first it seemed like a small town with great lake views and not much else to see or do but once we parked and started to walk around, I was surprised by what we saw.

There was an elderly couple calling down to someone along the lakeside promenade.

I went over to check it out and to my surprise, I spotted the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up- Peter Pan!

a person in a garment

Maybe Menaggio is this young lads Neverland, I didn’t stop to ask questions but I did snap a bunch of photos as Kim tried to get away quickly! If Lucas had been up, I am sure he would’ve wanted to play although he still has a fear of water so maybe he wouldn’t have!

a child in a garment

cartoon of a cartoon character
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Peter was busy playing with the rocks right by the edge of the lake and I’m assuming his grandparents were calling for him to stop and come along. Since I don’t speak Italian, I can’t say for sure what was going on.

The views were spectacular though and there were even some ducks swimming around so it made for a nice place to enjoy for a couple of minutes.
a man and woman walking on a sidewalk with a child

After getting over the excitement of seeing a real celebrity, we headed for the main square. Kim wanted to grab a coffee and after that, we planned to check out the town a bit more.

When I turned back, I noticed that Peter had finally listened and was holding his grandmother’s hand while walking along the promenade in our direction.
a child in garment walking on a sidewalk next to a red light

a group of people walking on a brick sidewalkPeter crossed the small road with his grandparents and then headed right past us and into what I believe was a candy store.

That was the last we saw of Peter Pan during our visit to Menaggio.

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