World’s Coolest Underground Wonders

There are lots of amazing sites to visit all around us or maybe under us according to Travel + Leisure.

When it comes to underground sites, the things that you will see can vary quite a bit. Some of them are natural while others are man-made.

T+L shares 25 of the World’s Coolest Underground Wonders in a slide show that I came across from 2012.

Here are the Coolest Underground Wonders:

  1. Turda Salt Mines- Romania
  2. Magma Chamber of Thrihnukagigur Volcano- Iceland
  3. Poco Encantado- Brazil
  4. Puerto Princesa Underground River- Philippines
  5. Cave of the Crystals- Mexico
  6. Waitomo Glowworm Caves- New Zealand
  7. Greenbrier Bunker- Whie Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
  8. San Clemente Basilica and Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini– Rome
  9. Forestiere Underground Gardens- Fresno, CA
  10. Cabinet War Rooms- London
  11. Coober Pedy- Australia
  12. Mayakovskaya Metro Station- Moscow
  13. Dambulla Cave Temple- Sri Lanka
  14. Tomb of Seti I- Egypt
  15. Derinkyu Underground City- Turkey 
  16. Reed Flute Cave- China
  17. Cu Chi Tunnels- Vietnam
  18. Nevada National Security Site- Las Vegas
  19. Les Catacombes- Paris
  20. Edinburgh Vaults- Scotland
  21. Dom im Berg- Graz, Austria
  22. Skocjan Caves- Slovenia
  23. Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor- China
  24. Basilica Cistern- Istanbul
  25. The Cavern Suite, Grand Canyon Caverns- Arizona

From T+L’s list of underground wonders, I’ve been to 5 which are in bold above. All of them were amazing, impressive and unique sites which were well worth the visit.

Have you been to any amazing underground sites? If so, which one/s and where was it located?

Find out about each of the underground wonders listed above in T+L’s slide show HERE.

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  1. I’m confused are you a blogger or do you just post links to articles on other websites. It seems like at least 80% of the content on this blog are just links to articles on other websites. Of the remaining 20%, 19% is information that other blogs have posted first and maybe 1% is original content. If you want to be a blogger you should have some original thoughts to share.

    1. Jared- Thanks for your feedback. I like to share interesting things that I find in the world of travel and add my thoughts to them. I don’t believe any posts here were just links to other sites. Many readers enjoy these kind of posts.

      Have a great day!

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