United To Offer Personal Device Entertainment

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Last December I finally got to try out free DISH TV on Lucas’ iPad mini while flying to Dallas on Southwest. This promotion will continue through all of 2014.

I received an e-mail from United a couple of days back announcing a similar offer.

Beginning next month, the airline is rolling out our new personal device entertainment system onboard select aircraft according to United Hub.

The new entertainment option is being offered free of charge and will have over 150 movies and around 200 TV shows to choose from on your personal device. It’s being sponsored by the MileagePlus Explorer Card.

Some more about how it works (from United Hub):

The only problem with this new entertainment option is that if you are using a tablet or cell phone, some programming will require using the United App which is currently (only) available on Apple iOS.

Overall, I think this sounds like a great option for entertainment during flights, especially since all of our devices are Apple. What do you think about this new option from United?

Find out more at United Hub HERE.

2 thoughts on “United To Offer Personal Device Entertainment

  1. This explains why some so many of the newly refurbished planes, even on cross-country flights, have no entertainment – not even radio. I think if they provide power, Internet, and this service that’s all anyone could ask for. It does leave out a segment of the population but presumably they could rent devices. BTW there is an Android version of the United app.

    1. I think offering entertainment is a brilliant idea but you are right, it will leave out quite a few people. It could also be a pain for families with only one device. For the airlines, it’s one less thing to worry about breaking/ having people complain about too.

      I figured they had an Android device but I think the entertainment option will only be fully working with iOS when it debuts next month.

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