Should You Move To NYC? Take the Quiz

a city skyline with a crescent moonI was born and have lived in Brooklyn, NY my whole life. When asked where I am from, I don’t usually answer New York. Even though Brooklyn is part of NYC, most of us native Brooklynites are happy to identify more with being from our borough than the bigger city.

I came across a Buzzfeed quiz with 11 multiple choice questions which will answer the question: Should You Move To NYC?

When I started looking over the quiz, I wondered when they say NYC, do they mean Manhattan or anywhere in the 5 boroughs? Based on the questions, my guess would be that the quiz is referring to Manhattan.

Here are the questions:

  1. What’s your least favorite smell?
  2. Paying $1500 a month to live in this bedroom is tolerable?
  3. How often do you drink?
  4. How do you feel about money?
  5. Not having a car would be:
  6. Having my soul crushed on a daily basis sounds:
  7. True or False: I enjoy having reliable internet access
  8. The ideal number of stairs I would climb in a day is?
  9. Paying $60 for two bags of groceries is my idea of:
  10. When I see crazy stuff on the street, I typically:
  11. How do you eat your pizza?

Here is my result:

a person in a baseball uniformNot so surprisingly, I got the answer Yes, go for it. 

Find out if you should move to NYC by taking the Buzzfeed quiz here. Let us know in the comments where you are from and if you should move to the big city!

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5 thoughts on “Should You Move To NYC? Take the Quiz

  1. By the way — according to the other quiz — the state that is for me is Wyoming.

    That one had my head scratching — so perhaps these quizzes are ridiculous after all…

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