15 Bizarre Festivals Only Found In the U.S.

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Back in December I wrote about 14 Festivals To Attend Before You Die from Fodor’s.

We finally got to attend one of the festivals that made the list (in September), Oktoberfest. We had an amazing time, drank a ton of beer and would definitely love to go again at some point. Fodor’s list included festivals from all around the world including the odd La Tomatina in Spain.

I love visiting strange sites and attractions and enjoyed learning about the weirdest things about each state recently.

A couple of days back I came across a list of fun festivals from Buzzfeed. After looking over the list of 15 Bizarre Festivals Only Found In the U.S., I wasn’t too surprised that I had only heard of a couple of them.

None of these festivals are located in the NYC area. They also aren’t your typical county or state fair.

Check out the list:

  • Roadkill Cookoff– Marlinton, West Virginia
  • Testicle Festival– Clinton, Montana
  • Nalukataq Festival– Barow, Alaska
  • Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and Festival– Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
  • Eeyore’s Birthday Festival– Austin, Texas
  • Underwater Music Festival– Florida Keys
  • San Fermin Festival– New Orleans
  • Wayne Chicken Show– Wayne, Nebraska
  • Humungus Fungus Festival– Crystal Falls, Michigan
  • National Hollerin’ Contest– Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina
  • National Lentil Festival– Pullman, Washington
  • Gilroy Garlic Festival– Gilroy, California
  • Hatfield & McCoy Reunion Festival- Williamson, West Virginia
  • Duck Tape Festival– Avon, Ohio
  • Tarantula Awareness Festival– Coarsegold, California

Here are the 3 that I’d most like to check out:

a group of people standing around a car a woman throwing a cow chip into a crowd a man and woman wearing duck vestsHave you ever been to any of these bizarre festivals? If so which one and how was it?

Find out about each of the 15 Bizarre Festivals from Buzzfeed HERE.

6 thoughts on “15 Bizarre Festivals Only Found In the U.S.

  1. Billy Bob- Exactly! 🙂

    LizaJane- Sounds like you need to work on your cow chip tossing! Thanks for the correction.

    Segments- Good to know. Eeyore’s Bday Party wasn’t one that stood out when I read about it. Maybe Burning Man is too well known for the list?

  2. Eeyore’s Birthday Party. Classic Austin. Just be aware which area is family friendly and which is less so. (E.g. Body paint as costume, drum circles and such more adult activity)

    Surprised Burning Man didn’t make the list.

  3. I’ve thrown in the Cow Chip Throw. I stunk – no pun intended. (The name of the town is Prairie du Sac, not Suc.)

  4. I’ve been to cow chip many times as I grew up 15 minutes from there. It’s pretty much just your standard Wisconsin summer beer tent. And then some people see how far they can throw cow poop.

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