10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World

a woman drinking a beer while driving
photo from Smarter Travel

Driving in foreign countries can definitely be interesting. Knowing the rules- what side of the road to drive on, the speed limit and parking just to name a few can be confusing in itself. Then there are the unwritten rules, when or when not to honk the horn, let other cars cut in etc.

I recently wrote a post about a Huffington Post article-  10 Worst Places To Drive In the World. In the post I wrote about how I’d much rather take public transportation than rent a car when traveling. I followed up a few days later with a Poll: What’s the Worst Place To Drive In the World.

Besides the typical driving laws that you’d expect to figure out, there are also some pretty ridiculous and bizarre ones in various places.

Smarter Travel came up with 10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World and shared them in a slideshow.

Here are the places and the crazy laws:

  • Costa Rica- Have a beer while driving as long as you don’t get drunk
  • Cyprus- Don’t eat while driving
  • Russia- Keep your car clean
  • Germany- Don’t run out of gas on the Autobahn
  • Spain- If you wear glasses, keep a spare in the  car
  • Sweden- Always use your headlights
  • France- Drivers must carry a breathalyzer kit in their vehicle
  • Japan- It’s illegal for sober passengers to drive with drunk drivers
  • Cyprus- Don’t shake your fist at other drivers
  • Alabama- It’s illegal to drive blindfolded

So what do you think of these crazy driving laws?

Here are my thoughts:

  • I think being allowed to drink and drive in Costa Rica sounds pretty nuts.
  • I can’t agree with Cyprus. I eat lunch while driving in my car at least 3 days per week!
  • I’d also get lots of fines if I lived in Russia. I can’t recall the last time that I’ve gotten a car wash.
  • I was also wondering- how many people got ticketed in Alabama for driving blindfolded…

Find out more about each of the crazy driving laws in the Smarter Travel slideshow HERE.

4 thoughts on “10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World

  1. How about Cambodia – it’s illegal to have your lights on during the day. So every imported motorcycle has to be rewired from ‘always on’. However it is LEGAL to have your lights OFF at night.

  2. The one about France and the breathalysers, the penalty for that law got repealed midway through last year. So whilst you are obliged to carry a breathalyser, there’s nothing they can do if you’re caught without one.

    Always using your headlights is not crazy. You are far more visible during the daytime, especially if you are a motorcyclist.

    1. Interesting stuff about the breathalyzers in France but I don’t get the point of repealing the penalty. Why have a law if there is no punishment for not obeying it?

      I agree with the headlights and didn’t really get why that one made the list. BTW- My car has daytime running lights.

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