Video: A Big Surprise At the Airport


American Airlines shared a really cool video on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) that I hadn’t seen until a couple of days back since we were away on our Quick Euro Roadtrip. (Post to come soon.)

In the video, a man surprises his (long-distance) girlfriend of 4+ years at the airport to ask her a very important question. A proposal at the airport sounds pretty odd so why pop the question there? It’s a pretty simple answer.

For Aaron and Vienna, the airport has played a crucial role in their relationship. According to the video, the couple has spent a lot of time at airports and have flown 200,000 miles (back & forth) for love to see each other since they’ve been together.

Check out the video:

So what do you think about the idea of an airport proposal? I give the idea a big thumbs up. Go Aaron! Congrats!

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