Which European Country Do You Belong In?

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In recent months I’ve posted a couple of quizzes from Buzzfeed which helped us figure out What City You Should Actually Live In and What State Do You Belong In.

I just came across another fun Buzzfeed quiz. This time the quiz will let us know:

  • Which European Country Do You Actually Belong In?

While this quiz is geared towards Europeans, I still decided to answer the questions.

Some of the questions were:

  • Pick a hangover food
  • You would spend your year abroad…
  • Pick a font
  • How do you travel
  • Pick a Harry Potter character

And for some questions I had no clue what they were asking or who/ what the answers were:

  • Pick a princess
  • Pick a Eurovision entrant
  • Pick a parody Twitter account

After answering all of the questions, I got a country that I’ve yet to visit in Europe: Poland.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 11.35.35 AMI’ve been wanting to visit Poland for quite some time and have visited most of the countries surrounding it. Based on my quiz answers, Buzzfeed had some nice things to say about me/ Poland. Check out why I belong in Poland in the graphic above.

Find out which European country you belong in by taking the Buzzfeed Quiz.

After you take the quiz, let us know what country you live in and which country you belong in according to Buzzfeed.

3 thoughts on “Which European Country Do You Belong In?

  1. That was fun. I have no idea what some of those meant.

    You got: Romania.

    You’re hard working, smart and enterprising. You value nothing as importantly as your family and you have a very sunny outlook. When faced with a problem, you always manage to overcome it quickly.

  2. “You got: Norway.
    You’re extremely reliable, independent and tolerant. You hate injustice more than anything in the world. You love nature and you’re always up for a new adventure.”

    And well… I live in Norway, too. Lol.

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