Delta’s Awesome Happy Holidays Video

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.39.56 AMI received an e-mail from Delta with the subject- You’re Invited To Hear the Cheer.

I eagerly opened up the e-mail and immediately saw the girl in the image above moving around, doing a little dance.

The e-mail didn’t include any additional information besides a few sentences in the image.

Flying With You Is Music To Our Ears. To thank you for choosing Delta this year we’re serving something new from the cart in our holiday video.

I clicked the button Hear The Cheer and was taken to Youtube to check it out.

The video was done very well. It was lots of fun to watch as the crew brought out the #CheerCart. They then played a song and danced around to music played by some odd but airline- related items.

The crew was very creative using seatbelts, spoons, drink mixers, soda cans, ice buckets, wine glasses and more to create a catchy holiday tune. At the end of the video we once again get the message- Flying With You Is Music To Our Ears.

Check out the video for yourself:

I really enjoyed the video and watched it a few times. What are your thoughs?

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