Club Carlson: 6 Signs You’re Overdue For A Vacation

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 11.13.36 PMI came across this post from Club Carlson’s blog View From The Club6 Signs You’re Overdue For A Vacation.

Club Carlson’s post asks a great questions which I have a very hard time answering.

I’m always looking to go away and we do travel quite a bit so I can’t really say that we’re ever overdue. The last time we were “overdue” was when Kim was pregnant with Lucas and we took 10-11 months off from flying. We still got in a couple of road trips but it just wasn’t the same thing.

I thought that Club Carlson’s list of signs that you are overdue for a vacation was a bit silly. Judge for yourself.

Here is Club Carlson’s list:

  1. You forgot what 9-5 means
  2. You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel
  3. You forgot shopping can be fun
  4. You live in a bubble
  5. You suffer from sleep working
  6. MIA Club Card

What are your thoughts on Club Carlson’s  signs that you might be overdue for a vacation? When do you know that you are overdue?

Check out Club Carlson’s post HERE where you can find out more about each of their reasons why you might be overdue for a vacation.

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