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I came across a really cool way to search for flights with KLM on Twitter.

KLM’s tool allows you to “Find the perfect destination by a budget related search“. Once I clicked on the provided link, I was pretty sure that I had seen this option around a few months back.

Here is the tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 7.51.46 AMThe search tool asks you to include a few pieces of key information before the search is done.

Through drop-down menus you’ll be asked:

  1. Departure Airport– as of now I only saw four options to choose from: Amsterdam (AMS), Antwerp (ANR), Brussels (BRU) or Dusseldrorf (DUS)
  2. Travel Dates – choose from flexible or fixed dates
  3. Your Budget– the price range is from 50 -2,000 EUR

You’re results then get pinned to a map which also shows the price.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 1.03.42 AMIf you’d like to further narrow down your search, to the right of the map is an option to select your destination. This part includes a couple of more drop-downs where you can select which continents and/ or countries you’d like to fly to. Below this section is a list view of the results with an option to compare.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 1.18.56 AM

If you click on one of the results, a fare calendar will come up. If you’d like to compare a couple of options, then a fare calendar will come up again with a couple of tabs so you can see the price options for each destination.

I found the KLM Budget Related Search option to be a fun tool to check out. For now it’s only good for 4 departure airports so it isn’t much use really. If ¬†KLM were to add more airports it might be useful to some people unsure of where to go.

Check out the Budget Related Search for yourself HERE.

2 thoughts on “Find Your Destination By Budget Related Search On KLM

  1. Hi Michael! It’s a cool feature on Klm somewhat buggy website. If you change the country (change country & language – just above the search engine) you then get the airports of the country you want. Cheers, Gilles

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