Amex Does The Right Thing- I Got My 100,000 Points

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Back in January there was an amazing offer for the American Express Platinum Card through By going through the “Offers Matched For You” option (on the top left of the site), a 100,000 Membership Rewards Points sign up bonus would be offered. This offer disappeared by the following morning.

I went ahead and applied for the card and was instantly approved. The card arrived a couple of days later. I activated the card by calling the number on the back of the card not the activation number on the front sticker. I was told about various perks the card offered as well as the bonus I would receive after hitting the required spend.

Before activating a new credit card I always call in to reconfirm my signup bonus.

The Amex Platinum became my go-to card. I was looking to hit the spend relatively fast so I started using it for pretty much everything. I had a few more questions about some of the card benefits so I called up again about a week later. I spoke to a friendly representative and was explained everything I asked. I inquired about my sign up bonus again and was told that after spending $3,000 I would receive 100,000 points.

I went on using my card and hit the required spend about a month later and started checking to see if my bonus posted. While checking my account on
I noticed that I could see pending points. I saw that I had 2,000+ points that would be posting soon. I started wondering why my bonus was not showing as pending too. I called up American Express again and asked how long it took for pending points to be moved to an account. The rep mentioned that points usually post one month later. I then asked why my sign up bonus was not showing as pending. Once again I was told my bonus offer and placed on hold.

When the rep came back on the phone, I could not believe the news. I was told that I did not qualify for the sign up bonus! I was then transferred to American Express Membership Rewards.
I went over all of my information and explained my situation with the Membership Rewards rep but was told there was nothing that could be done. The rep then spoke to a higher-up but nothing came from that either.

I was then told that the only thing I could do was write a letter to the Membership Rewards Correspondence Unit. I asked for a phone number or e-mail address but was told I had to write a letter. This was definitely odd.

I received a response in the mail a couple of weeks later from the Vice President of Dispute Resolutions. The letter stated that I would hear back once again when the investigation had been resolved, which should be in less than a month.

Less than a week later I received another letter. This one was from Membership Rewards Customer Care. There was no signature or name given like in the first letter. The letter brought me some bad news.

We will be unable to issue the Welcome Bonus to your new Platinum Card account. According to our records, you previously have a similar Card product.

It seemed like the Dispute Resolutions department disregarded everything that I wrote in my letter and just stuck to their exact rules. It didn’t matter that multiple Amex reps told me that I would get the bonus or that one rep even gave me his name and employee number just in case I had any problems.

I couldn’t just take no for an answer.

I decided to call up Membership Rewards one last time. I spoke to a very nice and understanding rep and went on to explained the entire situation. She looked over my account and said that one of my calls was noted- where I was told that I would get the bonus. There was nothing that she could do for me but she did see my side in this situation.

The rep offered me one last shot to get my bonus. She said that I could write a letter to Claire B. of Membership Rewards in NYC. I was told to write “escalated matter” on the outside of my envelope and that Mrs. B had final say. If she said no to my bonus there would be nothing else I could do.

I sent my letter out the following day and couldn’t do anything more than wait for a response.

About 3 weeks later I received an e-mail from American Express Customer Care. I was nervously excited to read the message.

I logged in to my account through my iPhone and read some great news!

Here is part of the message:

I certainly understand your disappointment with the misinformation you received regarding the Platinum Card bonus offer. I also recognize your good efforts with trying to rectify the situation and bring it to our attention. My deepest apologies are extended for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.
We do appreciate you obtaining the Platinum Card and we have honored the bonus offer. We have issued 100,000 Membership Reward points to your account, which will appear on an upcoming statement. The points are available immediately for your use.

I was really impressed with American Express for doing the right thing. They honored the word of their representatives and the amazing bonus offer I was promised!

It took quite a few phone calls, a couple of letters and a lot of my time but it was well worth it in the end. I’m now 100,000 Membership Rewards points richer!

There are some lessons to be learned here.

  1. Always confirm your sign up bonus
  2. Pay attention during phone conversations and document who you spoke to
  3. If you think that you are right or deserve something NEVER take no for an answer.

Sometimes decisions are not final even if you are told they are!

17 thoughts on “Amex Does The Right Thing- I Got My 100,000 Points

  1. I will be writing both American Express and the BBB after my 50,000. bonus points were refused.
    I too was mislead as I purchased a Platinum Card spent over 10,000 on it within 2 months, paid it off, only to find out (by calling to find out why my reward points hadnt posted) that I was disqualified for the bonus points because I once had a Platinum Card.
    Sadly, I really didnt, I applied for one with the stipulation they get it to me before I left for Europe. (the reason I was buying it was Europe) Long story short, it arrived at my home two days later than promised. I was already in Greece. When I came home, I found it on my doorstep. I promptly called and cancelled it. Mind you, I never even activated the card. American Express is now using that as their excuse not to give me my earned bonus points as they say I was a previous card holder. NOt only is that not LOGICAL it is a sad commentary on how they treat thier customers. Wish me luck. Best.

  2. Wondering if they will reimburse me the points I have used on a plane ticket which was booked through Amex travel but never used. I have given it to someone as a gift but they couldn’t go on a trip and the ticket was never re-booked for another date.
    I forgot about it and received no credit for almost a $1,000 ticket for which I partially paid with points and the rest with my Amex card.

  3. A similar situation happened to me with Amex Plat product for 100k pts bonus offer last year. After waiting, hearing “no” several times via phone, I wrote to BBB. Amex wrote a nasty letter citing it still did not believe I qualified, however they gave me the points as a result of filing the BBB case. Happy to hear you succeeded in getting your pts!

  4. After being really fed up of hearing “no” when I knew I was in the right, I took my issues to the BBB. My case was for a series of cards (for my wife and I) totaling – between the two of us – over 350,000 MR points.

    After about 10 days – I know, I couldn’t believe how quickly the BBB stepped in! – it was resolved and my points had posted.

  5. Same happened to me. I was advised to write a letter to the same person Michael above mentioned and 2 weeks later got my points. I redeemed for gift cards and a plane ticket, it was simple enough. I believe the number from the back of the card isn’t authorized to deal with those matters. They are just customer service people and don’t have much power over issues like that. You need to write to the corporate travel office in NY to resolve it even when it’s a fault on their part. Persistence pays off.

  6. I had a similar situation with the Gold Plus card. I have wrote letters, emailed back and forth and spoke to just about everyone at Amex. I have requested they listen to the calls, where I was blatantly told I would get bonus points, but apparently that doesn’t matter to Amex.

    I’m glad, that you were able to get your bonus points, but from what I’ve seen, this is a real problem that American Express doesn’t really care about, as unless you’re willing to go the legal route.

    It’s a little sad because I love everything else, but it just urks me that American express doesn’t honor bonus rewards or the fact that reps are promising rewards when they shouldn’t.

  7. Sorry to hear about your trouble with receiving the bonus. You should call up the phone # on the back of your card and explain the situation. If the representative feels you were wronged they might share the info as to who you should be writing to. I don’t feel comfortable giving out the address.

  8. American Express Platinum would not honor the 50,000 sign up bonus after I wrote them a letter. I am very frustrated and do not understand why this should happen. May I please have Mrs. B’s address? Thank you.

  9. Is there any Chance you would give me the Adress of Ms. B.? I was having a similar Problem – ok, just missing 15k Points, but thats a lot for signing up back here in Germany. So I would like to have these Points, but Amex says “no”..

  10. Had a similar situation on one of the 75K Gold Biz offers that popup occasionally. I got the points but my wife did not. After going back and forth with Membership Rewards, I wrote to the AMEX executive office and later filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. None of it helped. I ultimately got the points when my dad (who is an attorney) wrote to the AMEX General Counsel and included a detailed blow by blow of the inconsistencies in their denials.

    I understand I had a huge advantage by having an attorney in the family. But, the point is the same, be persistent because the points are worth it.

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