A New Look For Michael W Travels

The old header image

I’ve been thinking about changing the header on Michael W Travels for a while now. The problem was that I am pretty much computer illiterate and I didn’t want to pay a fortune to have one designed for me.

I had a vision and some ideas of what I wanted the header to look like, but needed help to get it done.

About a month back I was chatting with one of my friends and he offered to design the header for me. He does 3-D imaging, graphic design and draws really well so this seemed like the perfect solution..
I explained what I was looking for and Jay got to work. A lot of thought and collaboration went into the design. It started out with me jumping over the Earth and then Jay suggested adding the airplane. He then suggested adding some famous icons like the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building and things along those lines. I loved the idea but those particular sites were not so special to me. Kim and I thought about it some more and came up with a few things that were more symbolic of our travels.
The main elements are:
  • The globe with me jumping over it. The jumping silhouette is taken from one of my actual jumping photos! I jump all over the world so this had to be included.
  • A pyramid from Tikal, Guatemala- one of Kim and my favorite trips. Also taken from one of my photos.
  • Three Moai photo-shopped from one of my photos. Easter Island is a very special and mysterious place.
  • The giraffe in place of the letter “i” in Michael. Some might wonder where a giraffe fits in to a travel blog. The giraffe is a symbol of Africa to us and is also there to show  our love for animals & animal-related travel experiences.
I want to thank my good friend Jay for taking the time and using his amazing talent to design the new header for Michael W Travels. I think it came out awesome!
If anyone needs design work done, I’d definitely recommend Jay. If interested, contact me at michaelwtravels@gmail.com to get his contact info.

4 thoughts on “A New Look For Michael W Travels

  1. Why the DC-3? Have you ever flown in one? If so, you were very lucky. The ol’ recip’s were great airplanes! — Rich A

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