Smarter Travel: Museums You Need To See This Year

Mary Rose Museum (photo from article)

I’m always interested in hearing about new and interesting museums. I don’t visit a ton of museums but I do make an effort to check some out when traveling.

Smarter Travel put together an interesting slideshow of ten new museums debuting this year. The museums are located around the world but concentrated in only a couple of areas. Five are located in the United States, four are spread out around Europe with the last one being in Brazil.

Here is this list:

  1. Mary Rose Museum– Portsmouth, England: Check out the remains of a warship that sunk 500 years ago and was discovered 31 years back.
  2. Rijksmuseum- Amsterdam, Netherlands- The 125+ year old museum’s 8,000 artifacts and art have been rearranged around the 80 restored galleries.
  3. Den Bla Planet– Copenhagen, Denmark- Just a mile from Copenhagen Airport is Denmark’s National Aquarium.
  4. ABBA The Museum– Stockholm, Sweden- The museum dedicated to the popular group is part of the new Swedish Music Hall of Fame
  5. Museu de Arte do Rio– Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- One of the centerpieces of the downtown port area.
  6. Exploratorium– San Francisco, California- An interactive science museum which moved into a bigger, greener space.
  7. Butterfly Wonderland– Scottsdale, Arizona- The country’s largest butterfly pavilion will open at the end of May.
  8. Johnny Cash Museum– Nashville, Tennessee- Billed as the world’s largest collection of Johnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia.
  9. US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center- New Orleans, Louisiana- An addition to the country’s official World War II Museum.
  10. Space Shuttle Atlantis– Cape Canaveral, Florida- Get an up close look at the space shuttle Atlantis.
Which museum would you most like to visit from this list?

I’d probably go with either the Mary Rose Museum or the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Both sound pretty interesting and unique. If the Johnny Cash Museum was open when I visited Nashville earlier in the year, I would’ve most likely stopped by to check it out.

Find out more about each of these new museums HERE.

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