Space Shuttle Enterprise- I missed the flight but saw the boat ride!

a space shuttle on a barge
When the Space Shuttle Enterprise flew to New York from Washington D.C. I was bummed that I didn’t get to see it in person. I had work that morning and by the time I got out, the shuttle had already landed at JFK Airport.

I knew that the shuttle would be making it’s way to New Jersey by barge at some point in June before ending up at it’s final stop, The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

a man with a stroller and a baby

Kim, Lucas and I headed to the Belt Parkway walking path to get the chance to see the shuttle make it’s way by barge from the airport to NJ. It just so happens that it would be passing by very close to where we live, under a 10 minute ride in the car. We left early to get a decent parking spot and then waited for the shuttle to float by.

a woman pushing a stroller next to a railing

Lots of people came out to get the chance to see the shuttle on the water. You could tell that everyone felt like this was a once in a lifetime experience!
We knew the shuttle was getting close when we saw 3-4 helicopters hovering over the end of Seagate, a gated community just past Coney Island. Soon after a NY Fire Department boat appeared shooting a massive stream of water into the air.

a boat on the water
It was an amazing site to see once the Enterprise appeared. Everyone was watching, taking pictures or talking about what was going on. Who would ever expect to see a space shuttle being pulled by barge along the Belt Parkway!
a space shuttle on a floating platform
a man standing in front of a bridge
a large bridge over water with Verrazano–Narrows Bridge in the background
I was hoping to get a chance to jump with the shuttle in the background. However, this was pretty much impossible from where we were standing. I figured that I might as well jump with the Verrazano Bridge in the background.
a man jumping in the air
a close-up of a plane
The space shuttle Enterprise will be open to the public at The Intrepid starting July 19, 2012.
Find out more information HERE.

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