Last Minute Hotel Change of Plans- Country Inn Rapid City, SD

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We had a sudden change of plans on our first night’s hotel stay on our current trip to
South Dakota. Kim and I had selected the Country Inn & Suites Rapid City to fulfill her night for the Stay 1, Get 1 promo.
Our flight arrived in Rapid City, SD around 11:00AM so we stopped for a bite to eat before trying to check in to the hotel a little early.
When we arrived at the hotel we were first told that our room was not ready and to come back at 3:00. Bummer- we were all exhausted and just wanted to get some rest.
A couple of minutes later they said that there was a room for us but the water was not working in most of the hotel. It had been hit by lightning the night before and damaged a pipe knocking, out the water.
The problem was supposed to be fixed by 6:00.
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Country Inn & Suites Rapid City
We went up to the room and got some rest for a couple of hours and then spent some time checking out Rapid City. We headed back to the hotel a little after 6:00. 
We were immediately informed that the pipe they had tried to fix was not the issue and didn’t know when the  problem would be resolved. They also let people know that nobody could stay in the hotel (who would want to?) since the fire sprinklers wouldn’t be working.
The staff was working hard trying to find rooms for everyone. We were “offered” a room across the street at a Cambria Suites. The girl at the desk said that the hotel was brand new and would only cost $13 more plus tax than our night at the Country Inn. No thanks if you ask me!
I immediately started to wonder two things:
  1. What would happen to our Stay 1, Get 1 bonus?
  2. Why wasn’t the Country Inn offering to cover the price difference for us?
This was a real pain that needed a fast solution.
We went back to our room and figured out a plan. 
Instead of staying in Rapid City for the night, we were going to drive about a half hour away and stay a bit closer to Mount Rushmore to make things easier for the following day. After fumbling around on my phone for a bit, I found a reasonably priced hotel and booked it. 
Upon checking out from the Country Inn, I made sure that we were not charged for the night and asked for a receipt. The receipt is proof that we checked in and out of the hotel.
I feel that Kim and I fulfilled our obligations to earn the Stay 1, Get 1 bonus. 
I wonder what Club Carlson will have to say about this when I contact them to find out?
To Be Continued…

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  1. You should get the credit but will it count as a “paid stay”? Pls. keep us posted — Rich A

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