An Interesting Sculpture- Tallinn, Estonia

a group of stone statues in a park
While preparing for a trip to the Baltics, I came across an image of a really creative sculpture in Tallinn, Estonia. It was of a stone body (in 3 pieces) relaxing/ laying down in the park. 
I saw the image in the Lonely Planet guide I was using to help plan the trip. 
It was something that I wanted to see in person but was not a top priority for the visit.
a stone with text on it
We really loved walking around Tallinn. There are lots of great things to see while exploring the medieval old town. On the last day of our visit I still had not had a chance to find the sculpture that had caught my eye.
While taking the bus back from a day trip we were getting close to the bus station. I was looking out the windows as we were passing by Toompark. All of a sudden I caught a glimpse of the sculpture!

a man lying on grass next to a statue
After getting off the bus, Kim and I walked a short while back around the park to visit the sculpture.

The sculpture is called “Puhkaja” which means holidaymaker in Estonian. I was thrilled to have had a chance to see the sculpture and decided to take a moment to relax and attempt to copy the pose of this holidaymaker before heading back to our hostel.

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