A Swim With the Coney Island Polar Bears- Brooklyn, NY

While out for dinner last night I came up with a great idea for something to do on New Years Day. Since the weather has been so nice in NY recently, I figured it was time to join the Coney Island Polar Bear Club for their annual New Years Day Swim!
When I brought it up to my wife, she thought it sounded like a good idea since I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. Also, when else is it going to be 50 degrees in January in NY?

New Years Babies
There were many people dressed up and lots of interesting characters wandering around. Quite a bit of media was present as well- taking photos and doing interviews.
MetroCard Man getting interviewed
Photo with Man in A Boat
When I got into the water, it was definitely a shock to my body. (I read later on that the temperature was 45 degrees in the water) I got used to the cold water relatively fast and stayed in for a few minutes. It was actually pretty refreshing!
I had a great time and would definitely consider doing the swim again.
Time for a jump
All involved seemed to be having a great time. There were hundreds of swimmers and even more spectators.
Post swim pic with my wife
The New Years Day Swim raises money for Camp Sunshine, a camp for ill children. It cost $10 to register.
For more info about the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, click here
For more info about Camp Sunshine, click here

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