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Heading To The Airport, Next Stop Russia

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We’re putting the finishing touches on packing for our upcoming trip to Russia. I’m bringing a larger backpack than I’d like to for a trip of this length. But when you are packing for two and need cold weather items, that’s the best option.

We’ll be flying direct on Delta from New York’s JFK Airport to Moscow’s Sheremetyvo (SVO) Airport. The flight takes off around 5:30 p.m. and is approximately 9.5 hours long. 
We always like to arrive at the airport a bit early. We’ll check in, clear security and stop by the Delta Lounge (a nice perk of the Amex Platinum Card) to relax and have a snack before our flight.
a baby sitting on a chair
Lucas Miles W.
Hopefully Lucas will be his usual awesome self and cooperate on the flight. So far, he has been amazing when flying but this time around he is much more mobile and curious so it might be a bit of a different experience. Kim and I are prepared though (we think!). We have a couple of new books and toys ready for the flight as well as some of Lucas’ favorite snacks. Lucas usually goes to sleep in the 7:30-8:00 range so we are hoping he stays awake for a short while and then passes out for the bulk of our journey.

We’re really excited to be heading to Russia. We can’t wait to explore such an interesting place. I look forward to posting about the trip and our experiences very soon.

Happy holidays to all!

Largest Anti-Government Protest in Post-Soviet Russia

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Police showed restraint in the largest anti-government protest post-Soviet Russia has ever seen. Thousands of people took part in the protest against election fraud and a demand for an end to the rule of Victor Putin. 

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The protests took place all over Russia. It is estimated that the crowd was between 40,000-100,000 in Moscow, about 7,000 in St.Petersburg and a few hundred to a thousand in around 60 other cities. The police showed restraint and only about 100 arrests were reported.
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I wonder what changes will come from these people’s efforts and if it might have any effect on travel to Russia in the near future…
I read about this online. You can read the full story at
Russia’s stunning protests ends with a hint of change