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A couple of weeks back I tweeted a blog post about American Airlines to Twitter. This led to a converstaion with @AmericanAir, American Airlines official Twitter Channel. After writing back and forth with them I jokingly (kind of) asked if they had any AA souvenirs to send a big fan. They immediately wrote back that they would check to see if they had anything & soon after direct messaged me asking for my mailing address.

I was wondering what they could possibly be sending me. It couldn’t be an AA t-shirt since they didn’t ask for my size and I also figured that it wasn’t a gift of AAdvantage miles. I was hoping it would be one of those small airplace models with the airline’s logo on the side…

When I got home from work the other day, a package from FedEx had arrived from AA. I excitedly opened it up and received three items.
1- AA baseball cap
2- AA red pen
3- Two AA wings sticker patches

a white hat and pen on a carpet

I want to thank @AmericanAir for the nice gifts!

To reach American Airlines through Twitter , you can write to:
-Customer Service- @American Air
-AAdvantage- @AAdvantage
-Europe- @AAEurope

2 thoughts on “American Airlines Twitter Gifts

  1. Thanks for the tip regarding @AAEurope! I am going to add it to the post!

    The gifts were nice that they sent but that ziptop bag sounds very cool!
    Are you going to the MegaDo?

  2. @AAEurope is also another account for their European operations. Not a bad set of gifts, though I still love the 30th anniversary ziptop bag, paperclips, and pen I got from the megado launch party.

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