American Airlines Reaching Gold Status- Bonus Choices

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I reached AA Lifetime Gold about a month ago. For reaching Gold status I was given 8- 500 Mile Upgrades. It seemed like it may have been better to wait until after the new AAdvantage program changes to cross the million mile mark. Starting December 1 2011 AA will be giving 35,000 miles as a bonus.

I definitely value 35,000 miles more than the 8 upgrades so I decided to call the AAdvantage customer service desk and ask if anything could be done. I was transferred to another operator that was more than happpy to switch the upgrades for miles!
She said to wait 24-48 hours for the miles to post.
I checked my account when I woke up and was happy to see the miles in my account less than 10 hours after I had called!
Now that is service!

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