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NYC’s Southwest Porch Opens

Southwest Porch

Southwest Airlines has local spaces in four cities which are meant to be an “inviting gathering place in the community” according to Nuts About Southwest.

These spaces are known as the Southwest Porch with two of the locations also having ice rinks.

While I’ve never visited a Southwest Porch, I’d like to stop by one of them in the future. Continue reading NYC’s Southwest Porch Opens

Stop By A Southwest Porch In These Cities



Southwest isn’t known for it’s luxury or lounges, but they do have Porches in three cities around the country.

The Southwest Porch isn’t found at any airports, they are located at public parks in Atlanta, Dallas and New York. The porches sound like a nice place to relax, recharge and chill out if you happen to be in the area. They offer comfortable seating and FUN perks, nestling in a local park.  Continue reading Stop By A Southwest Porch In These Cities