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Reminder: Use Shop Small Amex Offers

Shop Small

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving…

Usually this time of year was when we’d be getting ready to use our free money from American Express for Small Business Saturday but this year things are a bit different (and less lucrative).

Rather than register to get free money to spend on one day, American Express sent out a couple of different Shop Small Offers. Continue reading Reminder: Use Shop Small Amex Offers

3 Amex Cards, 2 Different Shop Small Amex Offers

Amex Offers

Over the past few years American Express created a new shopping holiday with Small Business Saturday. By offering card members free statement credits, many of us had a lot of fun doing some shopping on Amex.

One year we combined our credits to pay for most of Lucas’ first car seat. In 2012 we made a full day out of SBS, spreading our credits at a bunch of places. Find out what we did with our credits for SBS last year here.

I was looking forward to another fun Small Business Saturday this year. Then the news came that for 2015 there would not be any Small Business credits. Bummer. The holiday that Amex created was now over…

Then Amex threw some of us a bone. Continue reading 3 Amex Cards, 2 Different Shop Small Amex Offers