Reminder: Use Shop Small Amex Offers

Shop Small

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving…

Usually this time of year was when we’d be getting ready to use our free money from American Express for Small Business Saturday but this year things are a bit different (and less lucrative).

Rather than register to get free money to spend on one day, American Express sent out a couple of different Shop Small Offers.

I received one of each offer giving me a total of $30 of free credit coming back to my cards for completing a certain amount of spend.

One offer was to get $10 back for spending $10 at a qualifying small business. This could definitely be looked at as free money! The other offer was to get $20 back when spending $100 or more at a qualifying small business.

Using the $10 offer was a no-brainer. A¬†couple of weeks back we went to a local restaurant and used it to get our dinner for essentially half price. I debated whether or not it was worth redeeming the $20 back for spending $100 offer but figured 20% off is still a pretty solid deal. Yesterday I decided to go back to the same restaurant and just buy $100 in gift cards to use in the future. (This place actually gives you $5 coins they don’t have traditional gift cards.)

Within a minute or 2 I received an e-mail from American Express thanking me for using the offer! I love that American Express does this so we know that the offer was redeemed!

Since the Shop Small Amex Offers are coming to an end tomorrow, 11/28/15, I just wanted to remind you to take advantage of these offers before they expire.

I know there isn’t much time left so check the Shop Small Map to see what places in your area are considered a qualifying small business.

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