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Man Fined $400 For Inflight Reclining Seat Fight

reclining seat
Douglas Perkins, WikimediaCommons

One inflight debate which seems to bring strong feelings from both sides is the right to recline your seat (during a flight).

Some people feel that it is rude to recline your seat while others feel that if the seat reclines then it is your right to do so.

While I might not recline during a flight or recline all of the way if I do, I’d have to say that I’ll side with those that feel, if the seat reclines, then I’m allowed to. Continue reading Man Fined $400 For Inflight Reclining Seat Fight

No More Reclining Seats For This Airline

a large airplane on a runway
image from The Telegraph

There have been many occasions (when flying) where I’ve fallen asleep before takeoff and never bothered to recline my seat during the rest of the flight. This is usually the case on short flights. On longer flights, I can’t say that I don’t like to recline my seat and I see nothing wrong with doing so. If the seat wasn’t meant to be reclined then it wouldn’t have the capabilities to do so.

I recently came across an article from the Huffington Post: This Airline Is Saying Goodbye To Reclining Seats.

According to the article, Monarch Airlines announced that their new ergonomic seats will not recline. The decision to switch to seats that do not recline was based on customer feedback.

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