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24 Hours in Doha, Qatar

Doha Qatar

Our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States got off to a great start. Now it was time to move on to our next destination, Doha, Qatar.

Qatar would be the third of four countries visited during our trip before making our way back to the UAE to explore more of the country.

Some trip highlights so far include a visit to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital and spending 24 Hours in Bahrain. (Check for links to other related posts below.)

Our flight from Bahrain to Qatar was at night, getting us into Doha pretty late. This gave us a day to see some of the sites that the country has to offer. While we could’ve used a little more time, we were still happy with the visit. Continue reading 24 Hours in Doha, Qatar

233,500 points + $1,742.38 + 2 IHG Free Nights= Trip for 3 to Mid-East Gulf States

MIddle East Gulf
image: Google Maps

Back on Christmas Day 2014 I booked a flight to Abu Dhabi during what I’d consider the best flight connection ever.

Kim, Lucas and I recently got back from our trip to the Middle East Gulf States and I wanted to share the details about how we planned the trip along with the costs involved including miles, points and cash (well credit cards…).

Itinerary Planning:

I booked our flight to Abu Dhabi from New York’s JFK for a little over two weeks including travel time. Continue reading 233,500 points + $1,742.38 + 2 IHG Free Nights= Trip for 3 to Mid-East Gulf States