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Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial- Gloucester, MA

a statue of a man holding a wheel
Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial

While on a trip around New England, my wife and I spent a night in Gloucester, Massachusetts. We knew of Gloucester from the movie “The Perfect Storm” and ended up staying in a dumpy yet interesting motel where the movie was filmed. (that’s a story for another time)

Gloucester is America’s oldest seaport, has an active harbor and is home to Gorton’s (they sell seafood- mainly known for fishsticks and the famous fisherman in the yellow coat).

We had read about the Fisherman’s Memorial and decided to walk around by the waterfront on Stacy Esplanade to go check it out.

a flag on a pole by the beach
Flag lined walking path

The esplanade has a nice walking path and a grassy area separating it from the street. It also has great views of Gloucester Harbor. During the day you will see people walking around, relaxing on the benches, going onto the small piers and checking out the various monuments and plaques along the way.

a sign on a stone wall

This plaque tells the story of Gloucester fisherman lost at sea. It says “With this memorial, we commemorate the lives and the legacy of those who died at sea while fishing”. It also has some stats regarding men and ships lost at sea.

a plaque on a stone wall

There was a couple of these plaques close to the Fisheman’s Memorial that list the names of all known fisherman lost at sea. These plaques were added to the esplanade in 2000. They are organized by year and names continue to be added.

a close-up of a leather book

The  Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial is also known as the Fisherman at the Wheel statue. It has become a symbol of the city. The statue is modeled after a prominent Gloucester fisherman. It is 8 feet tall, made of bronze and was made by English sculptor Leonard Craske.

a man jumping in front of a statue
Nice place for a jump!
The memorial is a cenotaph sculpture- an empty tomb/ momument built to honor people whose remains are elswhere. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.
Here is another interesting memorial plaque that was attached to a pretty big rock. It is dedicated to men who established coast guard aviaton.


a rock with a plaque in the middle of grass


a plaque with a picture of a plane and a plane