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Trip Planning: A Quick Euro Roadtrip

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.42.21 PMLast month Kim, Lucas and I took a quick trip to Oslo, Norway thanks to an awesome mistake fare from Wideroe. While the fares were hot (low), I managed to book 3 trips for us at amazing prices.

I am writing this trip planning post from my room in Lake Como, Italy. I usually like to write about upcoming trips/ trip planning before we go away. However, due to an upcoming potential storm in the NY area, I was able to get my flight switched and we flew a day early.

We booked a really cheap, round trip flight to Milan with little intention to stay in the area. I started looking over a map of the area and came up with an ambitious (for traveling with a 2-year-old), Mini Euro-Roadtrip itinerary.

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Wideroe Chat To The Rescue

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We were supposed to leave on our second trip of 2014 Thursday evening but I got a bit worried when I heard reports of a potential upcoming storm that could either shorten or completely ruin our plans.

Our original itinerary was going to be a 4 night trip so if we left just one day later, it would put the whole trip in jeopardy.

I decided to call United on Monday night and was greeted by a friendly phone rep. I asked if there was a possibility of our flight being cancelled due to the snowy forecast but was assured that Newark is equipped and prepared to deal with snow. I was told that a city like Atlanta was not, so flights from there were being changed. I hung up the phone not feeling any more confident that we would be flying if the snow started falling on Wednesday night. Continue reading Wideroe Chat To The Rescue

Our First Trip of 2014: Oslo, Norway

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Thanks to the amazing Wideroe mistake fares back in November we’ll be starting off our travels earlier than usual this year.

Tonight we leave on our first international trip of 2014.

We’ll be visiting Norway for the first time. This will be a short trip so we’ll only be visiting Oslo. If we have time and the weather permits, we might try to do a short day-trip outside the city.

Trip Planning:

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