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Hot Deal: Any Lonely Planet eBook, $8.99 for Limited Time

Lonely Planet ebook

When I purchase a travel guidebook, the overwhelming majority of the time, we go with Lonely Planet.

While no guidebook is perfect, Kim and I find Lonely Planet to put out the best guides for our travels. We like getting a bit of history about the country, learning about the sites (obviously) and skimming over the dining suggestions.

Besides guidebooks, Lonely Planet also publishes a variety of other travel-related books. I recently wrote about their just released Best in Travel 2016 book. They also picked the Top Sites in the World in the book Ultimate Travel. Continue reading Hot Deal: Any Lonely Planet eBook, $8.99 for Limited Time

Travel Guidebooks- Useful or Useless?

GuidebooksDo you still bring guidebooks on trips with you?

For just about all of our international trips, Kim and I find a guidebook to be a necessary travel item.

Here is how I see it. Trips are an investment, whether it be paid for with our hard-earned money or miles & points. Being (somewhat) prepared and having ideas of what you’d like to see and do makes a lot of sense, especially if you’re away for a limited amount of time. You are paying all this money and or miles & points, why wouldn’t you spend an additional $20 or so to maximize what you see, do and eat… Continue reading Travel Guidebooks- Useful or Useless?

30% Off Lonely Planet Guides

Lonely Planet Guides

With the wealth of information that can be found on the internet and through social media these days do we even need guidebooks anymore when visiting a new destination?

I for one still like to pick up a book about where I’ll be visiting to prepare for just about all of my trips. I find this a great way to find out what the country has to offer and I also like to learn a little about the country’s history, population, traditions, food and other interesting details provided in guidebooks.  Continue reading 30% Off Lonely Planet Guides